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Advanced Design in Action Video

As I reflect back on my work in creating a DEMO BUILD utilizing Universal Design for Learning, I was fully engaged in an authentic learning experience. Both the focus and output for the DEMO BUILD were authentic. Ensuring that the work was meaningful, I kept the focus on teachers as the learner. As an instructional coach, I work directly with teachers to implement technology in meaningful ways. Everything from the selected standard to the assessments to the daily activities where all focused on teachers as the learner. Each activity and the DEMO BUILD as a whole can be implemented in supporting my role as a coach.

As a 21st Century teacher we need to ensure that ALL learners are able to access content and that our technology integration goes beyond replacing paper pencil work. My entire DEMO BUILD is focused on ensuring that teachers are equipped with EdTech tools and strategies to create transformative lessons for their students. I want to empower educators! As I reflect and think about current educators going through my course, my main hope is that teachers understand the why and that they are excited to try on new strategies and ideas. In my reflection of the course, I need to spend a lot of time building out my first three lessons to make sure that the why is crystal clear. If I cannot hook my learners in the first three lessons then we I will be missing the overall goal of the DEMO BUILD.

Short of sending learners to try on my DEMO BUILD, the only way to make my learning experience more authentic would be to bring my ideas into my Coaches Collaborative Time (CCT). Each week I meet with the other coaches in my district to discuss successes, challenges, and share new ideas/strategies. This is an ideal time to get feedback on coaching sessions and upcoming trainings. I have yet to share my demo build with my team, but looking back, I should have taken the time to get their feedback and suggestions. This peer feedback would enhance and bring my DEMO BUILD to the next level…

…Peer feedback is a needed next step!

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