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Podcast Review: Let’s K12 Better – Engaging the Expert Effect with Grayson McKinney and Zach Rondot

Check out the episode here: I am officially starting my summer off on the right foot. I just finished listening to season 2, episode 14 of Let’s K12 Better, a podcast hosted by @MomOfAllCapes and her KIDS!!! This is a collaborative family podcast where the kids are leading the questions and discussion. I am

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The Power of Blogging

This past year, I started a graduate certificate program with Brandman University, Instructional Technology: Teaching the 21st Century Learner. The program consisted of four courses, each course was eight weeks long. The very first week of the program we were asked to create a blog, or share a blog that we already had up and

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Reflections on UbD (Backward Design)

Backward Design: Designing in a “backward fashion” forces educators to start with the end goal in mind. Educators respond to each of these questions before digging into their activities/lessons: What are the focus standards? What levels of Bloom’s DOK are the students expected to engage in? What will assessment look like and how will growth

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Social, Cognitive, and Teaching Presence Necessary for an Online Community of Inquiry

Communities of Practice (COP) in education are groups of educators who share a common interest, usually in regards to teaching or a passion for something within the education field. A community of practice requires a social presence to connect educators, cognitive understanding of the groups overall purpose, and educator presence in regards to those willing

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Top 4 Elements of an Electronically-Mediated Unit

In an upcoming unit that I am creating, Integrating EdTech in the K-12 Classroom, a lot of time and intention was put into creating an engaging electronically-mediated unit. My top 4 elements that I implemented into the self-paced course for adult learners (educators) were: Analysis Phase: Learners are asked to go back to a previously

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Constructivism and “The Disciplined Mind”

“A discipline constitutes a distinctive way of thinking about the world” -Howard Gardner, 5 Minds for the Future Looking at constructivism (with a “v” because it includes verbal communication) and “The Disciplined Mind” there are many parallels to be found. Constructivism is focused on having a negotiation, regardless of if the negotiation takes place in

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Reflection time!

After reading Cuban’s three scenarios in Computers Meet Classroom: Classroom Wins (1993), I want to reflect on my coursework for my graduate certificate from Brandman University. The article shares a prediction for what technology integration in the classroom will look like in the early 2000’s. Based on these predictions, I see my program falling somewhere

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