Book Series:

Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative
Instructional Strategies Integrated with EdTech to Amplify Student Learning:

Amplifying Instructional Design

Educators from across the world have come together to write a book that focuses on integrating research-based instructional strategies with educational technology (EdTech) tools to amplify learning for students. Book 1 focuses on engagement, collaboration, assessment, and feedback.

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Lead Authors/Editors: Dr. Matthew Rhoads & Becky Lim
Publisher: EduMatch Publishing

Chapter Contribution:

Designing Effective Distance and Blended Learning Environments in K-12

Chapter 8: Transform Learning With EdTech in the Elementary Classroom (pages 110-127) Becky Lim

Transformative educational technology (EdTech) is a practice in education that improves student learning by implementing real-world, authentic tasks and activities that would not be achievable without the use of technology. Over the past decade, there has been a rapid increase in EdTech in the classroom, yet teachers still lack clarity and uncertainty around creating engaging and meaningful technology-integrated lessons. The focus of this chapter is on the practice of creating real-world, authentic lessons with the use of technology for elementary teachers. This chapter provides an overview of EdTech in the current educational system, technology integration frameworks to support teacher growth towards transformation with technology, and suggestions to guide educators in implementing research-based strategies for lessons and assessments.

Lead Authors: Thomas F. Driscoll III (Bristol Warren Regional School District, USA)
Publisher: IGI Global