Giving and Receiving Formative Feedback

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As part of a peer review process, we were asked to create a video that would provide an overview of our key summative assessment for a demo build that we are each putting together. In our video we were asked to respond to the following five questions:

  1. What is your Key Summative Assignment?
  2. How does it support students in demonstrating their mastery of your standard (mastery target)?
  3. How will it be assessed?
  4. How will you communicate the instructions and nuances to your students to empower them to understand the work and be successful?
  5. What is one specific element or component to the assessment that you would truly appreciate receiving feedback on?
My Video: Key Summative Assessment for Demo Build

Above is the video that I shared with my peers and received feedback on. In the video I asked specifically for feedback in two areas:

  1. Appropriate ways to share out teacher expectations for their assessment (lesson redesign work)
  2. Number of shifts/tech tools I should ask for in a lesson redesign

Both questions were answered with wonderful ideas from my peers and the responses far exceeded my expectations. One peer suggested incorporating a Google Form to gauge teachers understanding of the lesson and at the end of the form, on the “Thank You” screen provide a link to a folder with follow up resources. This folder could include examples of teacher expectations for the assignment. What I really appreciate about this idea is that I, the instructor, would still be able to formatively assess teachers’ understanding/misunderstandings around integrating technology tools in a lesson redesign. The link at the end would also give immediate feedback and support to teachers after they finish the form (they will not have to wait for me to respond to the form with suggestions).

Another classmate suggested asking for basic level instructional videos on utilizing a tech tool as the summative assessment. While this would not work as a summative, because it doesn’t meet the learning target, this is a perfect solution as a formative assessment. This instructional video would show me that the teachers truly know the key components to a specific technology tool and how to utilize that tool to meet students’ diverse learning needs. While the feedback needed to be shifted a bit, the idea was brilliant. I am looking forward to incorporating this into my demo build towards the beginning.

I am thankful for the feedback that was received and the suggestions/shifts that were shared for my summative assessment. Being able to create a video to articulate my ideas helped me to solidify a plan and ensure that I could verbalize what the expectations were. I often have ideas in my head and don’t always know how to get them out on paper. Overall, this process of peer review feedback was helpful and I am excited to implement these new ideas into my build.

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