Reflective Peer Feedback

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Week 4: Peer Review Learning Theory

This week I am taking a spin on my blog and created a vlog instead. Throughout the course, I have found that the video feedback that I receive from my professor on my blog posts have genuinely been well received. This is the type of feedback that I connect with and have been inspired to try on with students. As an instructional coach, I do not have many opportunities to give students feedback on their work and providing teachers with feedback can often be received as evaluative (coaches are completely non-evaluative). This seemed like the perfect opportunity to practice giving feedback in the form of a video (hence vlog).

While the focus of this weeks blog is on peer feedback (see video for my feedback), I think it is important to understand the benefits of giving students/peers feedback through a video instead of through text. In an article by MindShift, Yuhas (2018) shares that feedback in the form of writing on paper can often come across as “you’re a bad writer” while feedback through videos provides one-on-one counseling to every student. While watching the video, I am hoping that my partner is able to gain a bit more of a connection with my feedback than they would have if I were just to write it out for him. Overall, he really knows his stuff and forced me to reflect on my understanding of learning theories and MUVEs.

I hope you enjoy this feedback format!


Yuhas, D. (2018, May 22). How Giving Students Feedback Through Video Instead of Text Can Foster Better Understanding. Retrieved September 28, 2020, from

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